Vermont Vintage Visit

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September 3, 2018 by kittynh

This weekend I left New Hampshire for that long trek to the next state, Vermont.


Bellows Falls is a great town with a downtown that is going through a great revitalization.


Only $9 each, these piano rolls are a find….

It also has a wonderful antique shop, filled with the “good stuff”.  In other words, I can’t afford the “big items” there.  But what is there is top notch.



The Wyndham Antique Center is still cheaper than buying “new” furniture not meant to last, and finding amazing historic decor items for your home that are truly a bargain.



Also the displays and the lighting is terrific.  You can actually SEE everything.  Plus the variety is amazing.  I did fall in love with a small handcrafted bench (doll size) that is $95. This is why I usually only take photographs.


But, it’s nice to visit such a “high end” antique shop and also I’ll usually spend about $30-$50 for something really unique.  I fell in love with some vintage ice cream molds, that I need to go back and purchase.


Still, the variety of rocks, gems and truly old furniture, makes it a great visit.


many very affordable items…love these spools. 


Also, there are plenty of the other type of vintage shops around, that make those of us on a budget happy.  But it’s worth while to visit the nicer shops to see what you should be looking to pick up at the normal vintage shop.


I’m still rating Chandler and Company as my favorite shop in the area, but Bellows Falls is well worth a visit.


The very little green bench would be perfect for displaying treasures.

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