Antrim Stone River Antiques

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September 7, 2018 by kittynh


If you travel Route 9 North to Concord, you’ll be familiar with the white and brick house in Antrim that has houses an antique store for many years.


Recently the house was sold, and has been undergoing major renovation.  As a long time customer of the store, I’m really pleased to see the old house spruced up. The new owners are putting in a lot of time and energy, everything from new electrical to reinforced floors,  to make this shop ready for another generation of vintage shoppers.



STONE RIVER ANTIQUES is the new name. The owner is Erin and her side kick is Lulu the pug.  Lulu is more than happy to show you around and is amenable to petting.


I enjoyed that the antiques now include vintage items from the 20th century.

My favorites have to be the posters from a local high school.  Found during a clean out, these biology posters are in wonderful condition.  Far cheaper than having a painting or print framed, these are ready to go on your wall “as is”.


Then there is the dissected frog.  He’s charming, and also ready to decorate a home instead of a classroom.


There are great plans for the future also, including more items as more of the rooms are updated.  The small yellow house near the big house will become a sort of thrift style store, while the main house will have the more valuable items.


I will say the prices are reasonable, and I bought a vintage chair that I’ve not seen anywhere else.


I also purchased a vintage tin pencil case for $2 and several vintage books with terrific illustrations for $4 each.


There are also lawn ornaments!


So driving North on Route 9, or South coming from Concord to the Keene area, you can’t miss the Stone River Antique House.



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