Super Easy Beginner Marbling


August 31, 2018 by kittynh


When journaling, I like to alter paper, but also I like to use fast and easy methods.


Dry on a flat surface if possible

I wish I knew who to credit with this easy form of marbling. There are many Youtube tutorials on this process.  I first used this method over 10 years ago on fabric.

I tested out two methods, shaving cream and plain old water. I can write with conviction that the water method was the easiest.  Shaving cream would be great fun, especially with children.  The water method was just so much simpler to clean up.


 Chalk+Water+Dip=Marbleized Paper

So you need:

Plastic bin


a small knife or popsicle stick




That’s it.   Fill the plastic container with about an inch of water.  Could be more.  It really doesn’t matter.

Then, scrape a piece of chalk over the water. The chalk dust will sit on top of the water.

Carefully put whatever paper you use on top of the water. I used newer music pages.  I was surprised how well the paper took the colors. Many tutorial on marbling say you need to use paper without a finish,  but I found that almost ever paper I used took the chalk color well.


After a few moments, when the paper has touched all the water, lift the paper by one corner.  I found placing the paper on my quartz type countertop to dry worked well.  The. paper dried flat and peeled up easily.

The only thing you need to do is change the water.  I found I color two sheets of paper, before needing the change the water.  Just be sure to put more chalk on the water for each sheet of paper.


Shaving cream looks cool, smells nice, but it’s a bit messy

The next step was to seal the paper.  After all it is just chalk.  I didn’t want the chalk to rub off, especially when used in a book.

I tried a regular acrylic varnish spray, and a Modge Podge matte finish spray.  Both sealants worked well, but the Modge Podge had less of a smell. Please spray outside no matter what sealant you use!


I did try the shaving cream.  I think I used the wrong paint, total failure. Then I tried chalk.

Water means easy clean up.  I’d like to try other chalks, especially glitter chalk.  I did use a larger than usual package of Crayola crayons. The larger package came with richer colors.  Of course, the $1 package from the Dollar Store also works well.


The more chalk, the more color. I sealed the colors with Modge Podge spray.

I am not a card maker, but decided to try a quick example of how to use the papers.   I pulled out my punches and made a holiday card.


A very simple card

Also, remember you can get inexpensive sheet music at most charity shops.  I buy mine at the Salvation Army.  I pay 25 cents a book.

GOOD LUCK!  Give this a try! Also buy an extra box of chalk for your family to join you.  It’s so inexpensive, and easy to set up and take down.

One thought on “Super Easy Beginner Marbling

  1. Keith says:

    You are so creative! I got some great ideas. thanks!

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