Chandler and Company, Troy NH

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June 16, 2018 by kittynh

I admit I’ve become a vintage addict.  At least in terms of loving to go visit stores with “vintage” items.  Readers of the blog may already have noticed this!


Taking your vintage mini vintage shopping is fun, but it doesn’t hold much!

My friend, William Price jr., from the Pittsburgh area, is an auction addict.  The best thing about Bill is he will share photographs of auction items and also vintage stores.


on the corner on the Common

I love to photo shop (nope that word is probably under copyright), how about photo window shopping? So for Bill, I’m going to share some photographs from a recent trip to “Chandler and Company” in Troy New Hampshire.


Stuffed with stuff

“Chandler and Company” is the kind of shop where many items have been given a facelift so they have a new purpose.  Also the shop is full of items, but not so many that you get exhausted digging through dusty boxes.  It’s a the best bargains in the area.


Even the dustiest old shop doesn’t have the deals that “Chandler and Company” offers.


The shop is on the common in Troy, on the corner near the newly reopened town deli. Lots of parking, and often someone to help you carry something out to the car.  Or, they can work out a delivery deal.  There is also a huge turnover of items.  So if you want something, buy it now.  If an item doesn’t sell, ,it’s marked down to move.


My own favorite item is my new to me kitchen island.  When we redid our kitchen, we didn’t put in an island as our family is not fond of cooking.  Then we discovered our new to us home has the best light in the kitchen.  So my husband and I both began painting in the kitchen.  We needed some space other than the dining table!

The island is made from old window trim from a house that was torn down.  It has storage for brushes and paints, and a nice counter for sitting and getting that sunlight. It was under $250.00.  I won’t tell. you what a new small kitchen island was going to cost.


So enjoy “Chandler and Company”.  If you want to do a New Hampshire road trip for vintage shopping, this is right on the trail.  It’s not unusual to see cars from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts parked out front filled with those stuffing their cars full of vintage items.


Also the new deli makes a great sandwich.



I bought the books, as the top one is “Wild Kitty”. Also I need to find a Sophia…

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