Kitty in Paris
Photograph not quite as she would have liked

Kitty  lives the great “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire.  While awaiting the Libertarian hordes that are supposed to be resettling the state, she enjoys teaching, her art, and having fun doing skeptic investigations and writing about the subject.

Her web site Badalien.org has been confusing skeptics for a long time, as it is mean only for those that feel they have had a paranormal experience.  Her own early abduction experience (aliens did dental work on her while she was trapped in the family television set, yes it was horrible thank you for asking), led to her work helping people that think they have had an alien abduction experience to find the help they need.

Her work as lead investigator for the Granite State Skeptics has lead to investigations of haunted sites, and speaking engagements on skeptic topics.  She has spoken at TAM 10, on several Amazing Adventure cruises, The College of Curiosity, and for the CNY skeptic as well as other local skeptic groups.  She has also worked as the “Alien Expert” for Maxim Radio (no one told her it was THAT “Maxim” but she adjusted quickly).  Alien sex is always a popular topic.


A holiday present made by Aynsley for
James Randi, which he proudly displays in his kitchen window

She finds life interesting whether at home in the mountains of New Hampshire or the Alps of Switzerland.  She also is the author of two skeptic books for preschoolers, the profits of which go to help fund skeptic education for young children (have to start them early!)

Three Diverse Pigs
a story from the book “Fairy Tales, Fairly Told”
illustration by Noah Whippie
why, yes one of the pigs is an atheist!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kate Rauner says:

    Hi kittynh,
    I enjoy your comments on Doubtful News, and I envy you your Bigfoot group. I am currently reading a book you might like: Between Man and Beast by Monte Reel. It is a story of European’s search for the gorilla. It includes some of the local’s stories and how quickly skulls were delivered when white traders began to ask for and pay for them. It makes me think of Bigfoot as I read. Plus, I am enjoying the book.

    • kittynh says:

      thanks! I love book suggestions. I find cryptozoology a lot of fun. I have to admit it, part of the reason it is popular, it’s fun. The people are really nice, and there is some infighting with the big groups, but our local group is really interested in just being supportive, having a good argument, but the truth is what is more important. No, TV shows for us thank you! I am looking online for your book suggestion now!

  2. Howie says:

    Cool site. I’m a skeptic as well. I always like to find skeptics who take the time to actually investigate paranormal claims. Joe Nickell is one famous one who I admire. If nobody investigated these things with objective methods then we’d be stuck in the dark ages.

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