More old ads for inspiration!

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January 25, 2021 by kittynh

Some of these old ads are from a fancy art magazine.

It appears to have been from out of Boston, and well over 100 years old. The ads are targeted for artists and the well to do.

I really enjoy the ads for artist. I hope you do also!

I really adore the ad above offering to take young ladies to Europe. This was expensive enough a magazine, that I think it was really for educational travel with a chaperone and not something nefarious!

THE ABOVE AD ABOUT WORMS IS AWFUL! And not from the art magazine!

There is a real difference in the types of ads between the two magazines!
Health is something we all worry about…but it’s doubtful these worked except to empty your wallet.
Also no woman wants cleaner for a gift! Or perhaps a dictionary!

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