Old Ads to Inspire Creativity

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January 15, 2021 by kittynh

I have been scanning and cleaning up (only a tad) some old advertising from books and magazines, these are over 100 years old.

I hope my fellow junk journaling friends will enjoy some of these advertisements. The originals are in a very fragile state, but printing out an image to use would be rather fun.

Of course I love the old magician advertising.

One important thing to remember is that old magazines and often older books will have advertising. It’s delightful to include in a card or book (or whatever) you are making. I’m able to purchase old books and magazines fairly cheaply, because New Englanders appear to throw nothing out.

I could not figure out if this was politically incorrect or just early “Believe it or Not” style. However, the frogs are really enjoying the books.

I have a theory that when something or someone cures TOO MUCH, it’s best to accept a substitute, like a physician.

I enjoy the glasses the woman is using. There was a pair in “Sex and the City” that was like these, but they were sunglasses. I’ve just seen a photograph from one of the movies, and I was “Who would use that?” Well this woman would.

I adore the violin but that really LONG telescope, it is “One of the best telescopes in the world”! I’ve included several here as often the smaller ads are a lot of fun also.

This is something you can still purchase today!!

I use Bell’s spices, especially for the holiday turkey. So did my grandmother. I can assure the purchaser of today, this has stayed in business because it is as good as it claims.

The lower right side ad appears to be some form of early MLM?

Some more of the “smalls”. Also, “Mamalene” most likely does not develop the female bust. Never skip the small advertising!

I just like the book “How to Build a House”!

So, I hope to scan more truly old advertising before the magazines they are in fall totally apart. As you can see from some of the scans, they are in poor condition.

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