More vintage ads, and a cat.

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February 3, 2021 by kittynh

I have to admit my own daughter attended a boarding school for women, and she loved it. It was her choice, much to our surprise, but it was the right decision.

That’s why it was fun to come across a 1909 magazine with lots of advertising for boarding schools. I should note the school my daughter graduated from was established as a school for young women to get the same opportunities as young men. Many of the women’s schools in 1909 were more about etiquette than math and science


It is interesting to note many of these schools advertised are still teaching students.

There are also ads for products we still use today! We’ll always have Coca Cola and children’s cereal!

We still have this product around.
There were new back then, but today they are still popular. Instead of a heavy breakfast, these were felt to be better.
I will admit that Swiss and Belgium chocolates are my favorites.
Hair has always been something we’re willing to spend money upon.
Very carefully worded ad for underwear

I could use a Comptometer.
Lea and Perrins Sauce is still used in my house!
This really looks like it would have been a great vacation, and California too!
People back then should see us shopping by mail now!
I’m ending with yet another cat, because I have to admit adding cats to things makes me very happy.

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