The Cemetery is Rather Full


May 2, 2020 by kittynh



Just a hint and quotes, about what their lives were like.

The social distancing measures have filled our local cemetery with alive humans.  I’ve been walking there for several years, as you avoid traffic and it’s very quiet.


A truly beautiful stone, with a last name tie in to the whale. 


Or WAS very quiet. Since the road is wide enough for a hearse, walkers are easily able to pass each other with more than 6 feet distance. Also with children home from school, it has become a favorite spot of parents to teach children how to ride a bicycle.


I’m sorry but too easy a joke, and while respectful people do make the joke!

I don’t mind sharing one of my favorite walks with alive people.  Everyone seems to be following the rules. That’s something I like about where I live here in New Hampshire.


People are very good about following the “rules”.  Of course the natural beauty is something I enjoy, even though I’m not a native, I’ve adopted this part of the world to be my home.


I noticed that many of the former citizens of New Hampshire seem to have really enjoyed living here also.


Many of the headstones reflect this love for the natural beauty of the state.  Mountains galore, deer, moose and beautiful rocky shore lines are featured on the stones.


This is someone that was proud of his job, or her job.


Also popular are headstones that give a hint into the life and interests of the former human.  It’s nice to walk and reflect that someone once enjoyed playing the guitar and someone else loved baseball.


My husband enjoys the train. Also the details of new stones is remarkable.


I also have to include some of my favorite headstones.

This one is a JEEP named JEFF.


This reminds me of my friend Jeff Wagg.

Also, perhaps the most well known grave in the cemetery is the librarian’s desk.



But, almost everyone can laugh and relate to this quote nearby.  “Me too”.


New Englanders often love to roam old Colonial era cemeteries full of history and angels and willows on the headstones.  But, a newer era cemetery also has history and a story to tell to those who roam, or walk, today.

3 thoughts on “The Cemetery is Rather Full

  1. sgerbic says:

    Those are amazing Kitty! All in one graveyard. What a artistic community.

    • kittynh says:

      well and people tend to like OLD cemeteries. Not new ones. But there really isn’t anywhere else to walk that is safe, the wide roads here never have traffic, and we can all really keep apart! But you do begin to notice a few things! (I’ll need a part two).

  2. KatheD says:

    Thanks, Kitty, this is lovely! I’ve not seen such nice newer work near here, but perhaps I haven’t really looked.

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