Free clip art for artists, because I’m bored with my stuff already!


April 16, 2020 by kittynh


Don’t we all just want a steady woman who is a THOROUGH GOOD COOK?

So among many hobbies I am a junk journalist.  I’ve started making cards to mail to people, as MAIL TIME is now my favorite time of the day.


If I could go out I would pay to see this…

It’s been wonderful to make cards and to receive the thanks!

(also hint, if you have a local business. you like, why not order a gift online to be sent to friends? We have to keep all those small businesses going!)


I’d go to that stationers store!


I have an old book, that has even older programs and fun advertisements, that I am pretty sure are now free use.


I’d know who to call for my dead horse, though I would worry it would end up in my next batch of sausages.  Also a SANITARY COFFIN is the only kind you should purchase.

Maybe people can get the scan and print out their own copy.  Some are funny, most are from the UK, and all would be a nice addition to whatever you do with old papers.


My neighbor is doing a big bonfire, he does every year of the yard bits and pieces and we all contribute.  This year, we won’t be doing marshmallows though…..

This book was in horrible shape, as are most of the books I use, so I was “Why not cut out and scan the ones that are in good shape and share.  Mind you there are MANY MORE, and I hope to scan and use more (about 1/3 of the book is water damaged).



So I hope this can help fellow craftspeople and artists, enjoy some new images to include in their work.


Look at all the things to do OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE?

I am enjoying “Use what you have”.  Often once a year a group I belong to has the “Make 100 things without buying anything new” challenge and this year I’m participating without choice.  But, I’m finding things I forgot I even had, such as this water damaged old book!


I plan to have a SOIREE for my first party after this is all over.  No one may show up as who knows what a SOIREE is? I’m not sure what to wear, but it appears I can charge people.

SO STAY SAFE!  HOPE THE GLUE HOLDS OUT! (the is an essential item).  Please, know while I am usually joking around, I’m very sincere in my wish for everyone to get through this with as little damage, physical, financial and emotional, as possible.

You want a card? Let me know.  An invite to the SOIREE, it might not be this year but you are invited.


One thought on “Free clip art for artists, because I’m bored with my stuff already!

  1. How kind, you’ve got a great selection there, I love reading the old adverts etc! Stay safe
    Jenny x

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