Pet Cemetery?

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May 9, 2020 by kittynh


The cemetery is still very full of humans walking and social distancing.


It may be a play on the last name, but obviously the inclusion of the animals was intended also.

I’m really enjoying this more modern cemetery, and just how so many of the head stones are creative and reflective of the inhabitants of the graves.


One observation is the high number of animals depicted.  I believe a love of animals, or even a steward of animals such as a farmer, just makes that person a little bit more likable.


So of course, I smile when I see an animal included in some way on this short visual biography of a life.


Pets are an integral part of what defines happiness for most of us.


This dog, looks like a pet. A much loved pet. Also I love the book look for the names. 

Of course, today our dogs are like “Another walk? Really?”


The cats are “So, how can I knock things off the kitchen counter if you aren’t gone?”



Let’s not forget this name play stone, which is absolutely incredible.


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