What Happened-Birthday Week


March 10, 2019 by kittynh

So today’s post, on my birthday, is a post just about my week.

The Cheshire County Historical Society had some old paper dolls.  These had been cut out long ago from a magazine.  But the doll, for most of the clothing, was missing.


Because if need a head, a cat head will do.

Of course I just added a cat head and was happy.

I’ll admit my collages aren’t as complex as most paper crafters.  But these are just for fun.


This doll had a head! 

Next what did I want for my birthday?  Well, toys.  When I was a child, many of my friends had these amazing fuzzy animals that their parents had bought for them in Europe.  Growing up in DC, there were many military families, and they had the best stuffed animals.


A whole peculiar zoo of well loved animals

I wanted at least ONE.  But in the dark ages before the internet, these were expensive toys, and very difficult to find in the USA.


Sue Sizemore’s new bear with older friends

A few weeks ago a local vintage shop had a small collection of Steiff animals on display.I decided they belonged in my grown up toy box.


The goat is on top of the old movie projector! Keeping an eye on the rest of the gang.

None are worth anything in terms of rarity.  Instead they are all stages of “loved”, and have for now set up shop on one of the fireplace mantels.


The donkey is on the vintage voting box, ready for elections

I consider it my “fairy garden”, but indoors not outdoors.  Also there is a wonderful mohair teddy bear made by Sue Sizemore, a talented and renowned doll maker and artist.


We call these “Asta” and “Asta junior”

Last, but not least, the best gift for my birthday is our new cat Malika.  Malika was one of four cats living in South Africa with my daughter.  My daughter was offered a promotion, and that meant moving to Australia.  The town where she will be living has a limit on cats.  Three per family only.


What is this white stuff?

Malika, being the least bonded to the other cats, was headed to the USA.  She was delivered right to our door, in a custom made cat carrier.  It’s so lovely, we think we’ll put a glass top on it and have it as an end table in the basement room.


Cat delivery! 

Lille and Moxie are teaching Malika the ropes.  The USA has thing called “snow”.  Also evening is “red dot” time and we also do not have a small toddler.  Malika seems to like living with the “old people without a grabby child.”


Her first step in the USA

So a busy week, while I hope for the gift of SPRING WEATHER!


4 thoughts on “What Happened-Birthday Week

  1. Tammy says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Kitty! Looks like you’ve had some fabulous fun. I love your collages. You know which one is my favorite.😉 Fun toys and a beautiful new kitty – you hit the birthday jackpot!

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