Book Review, of my BOOK!


March 3, 2019 by kittynh

So as a non writer who has authored a few books, I never expected to get a book review in a newspaper.  I’ve had kind people write a few reviews on Amazon.  But, since I consider myself just someone that feels like writing every now and again, this book review was a lovely boost to my self esteem.


Please note, I’ve often said that the only reason I write is that I feel there SHOULD be a book about something, but there isn’t.

The train book is your typical self published oddity that, if you can get beyond the messy layout, tells the true story of the time when trains ran right through downtown Keene New Hampshire. What happened in real life, was a lovely lesson on physics and geography of Keene area.  People built towns where it was flat, surrounded by mountains, that aren’t flat.


Picture a run away train.  I laughed when I read about this happening in a history book.

Thanks to the Cheshire County Historic Society, I was able to use some photographs from their collection and throw in some talking animals.  The truth about that part is debatable.

One impetus for the book was the birth of my grandson, Caspian.  I wanted him to have a book dedicated to him.  It was a gift I hoped he would enjoy one day, and perhaps think “My grandmother wrote a book for me! That is a cool gift.”


Still, I received a TERRIFIC gift with the newspaper review.  That there were perhaps hundreds of train books to pick from at this train event, she chose three to review.


My favorite photograph from the book. Friend Carol had it colorized (with permission for this children’s book). Photo property of the CCHS.  But this man is a DELIGHT!  He loves working on the RR!

If you would like a copy (hey read the review), you can obtain one at the Cheshire County Historical Society museum store, or you can order on Amazon.  If you order on Amazon it allows me to donate books to the museum store.  I donate books there so that they can sell them and keep all the money.  It’s a nice way to be a poor author, your book purchase means I can donate more books!  That means more money for my favorite non profit.


So shameless self promotion from this non writer.

2 thoughts on “Book Review, of my BOOK!

  1. Jackie says:

    It is a great gift for Caspian! We’ll read it together next visit!

    • kittynh says:

      we’ll take him on a real train trip! Or maybe just pull him around in a little cart yelling “CHOO CHOO”. We have plans…we may not survive but he’ll have the best time ever.

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