Redwork Quilt from my Past!


February 25, 2019 by kittynh

Long ago before wool felting and other crafts, I was a quilter.

My friends owned a quilt shop.  They were also quilt historians, in that they collected old Redwork q


The Marshmallow quilt

uilts, and would publish the patterns they drew up from the old blocks.


Simple outlines, Rework had a revival

I admit to a love for the “Alice in Wonderland” illustrations by John Tenniel.  During the brief Redwork quilt revival in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, I designed my own Alice Redwork quilt.  My friends wanted to adapt the pattern for their shop. I gladly gave them my blessing, as they have been wonderful friends.


The lost Alice, now found again.

I made two Alice quilts, one a small wallhanging, and the other a miniature. I framed the miniature a few. years ago, but lost track of the wall hanging.  I let my friends use the wall hanging for their shop, and basically forgot about it.


Miniature version

Happily,  just last week, I received the Alice wall hanging back.  It had indeed been lost, and then found, on a shelf.  I am happy now to be able to offer the wall hanging to my daughter, and the miniature can live with me a bit longer.


I also pulled out a Rework quilt I made from the “Marshmallow the Bunny” book.  I made my quilts just for fun.  But it is nice that the Alice Redwork adaptation has allowed many people to make their own Tenniel inspired quilt.


One thought on “Redwork Quilt from my Past!

  1. sgerbic says:

    So beautiful Kitty!

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