From WALL to PAPER! Easy!

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February 15, 2019 by kittynh


all you need…..

Long ago a new Navy wife (not myself) decided to decorate the Navy housing she was in….we pointed out painting and wall paper were not allowed unless you repainting or unpapered before moving out.

However, she decided, that this COOL TECHNIQUE she had learned would make this HUGE WALL look fabulous.


Decorating on a budget was Navy wife life. 


She took brown paper bags and just tore them into pieces and glued them to the wall.  Then after she got a bit done she would use black shoe polish (the kind in a bottle with a sponge top) and go over it.  Then she would wipe it with a paper towel.  The look was really interesting.

However the wall was REALLY BIG, and before she moved out she was told she would have to remove it or finish it. So we all ended up helping her finish this HUGE WALL.


Step one tear and glue!

Later I was thinking about how interesting that look was, and decided to try it small scale with junk journaling.

I just tore off pieces from my LARGE DICTIONARY. (the printing is so small the dictionary came with a magnifying lens so you could read it).  Then I glued them to paper.


Small or large ink pad

I did not use shoe polish, but used a small ink pad and just ran over the paper.  A little pressure and you got a light look.  Hard pressure a dark look.


Three looks….


I just used glue sticks.  Any stamp pad will do, but a small one is a bit easier to manage.

As long as you don’t try this on a LARGE WALL, nothing can go wrong.

I still want to try the brown paper and shoe polish look somewhere, but possibly a small box?


Paper torn in bits

stamp pad

Three items and you end up with a really interesting background or even finished project.


Used in a junk journal….


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