Sweetheart Sweater Cats…


February 10, 2019 by kittynh

My wonderful friend, Susan, sent me this PERFECT door stop.



My old door stop, for a bathroom, was wooden.  It was a really cute Magnolia design from Target.  All I did was stub my toes on it.

The new door stop is soft and comfortable to toes.


Then, I thought of all the sweaters I don’t use.  Let’s admit it, really heavy sweaters aren’t comfortable inside.  Let’s also admit they might be a bit too small.  So I decided to see if I could do anything with my old sweaters.


First up was a cashmere sweater I bought because it “feels so soft”.  Also the ugly green meant it was on sale.  I didn’t make a door stop cat, just a “This cat is so soft” type pillow.  Cashmere as a cat, is a pillow you just want to keep petting.


Next up, I finally got to a door stop. The door stop in the cat from Susan has sand in the bottom.  That’s nice but I’m wasn’t sure I wanted a huge bag of sand.  The Dollar Store to the rescue as the little glass buttons work well.  Lightweight, but enough heft to hold a door open.  Also very inexpensive.


I also feel as if I’m recycling, as these sweaters have been in a bin for years.

There are no directions.  You don’t have to put on eyes or anything, or you could go all out with facial features.


The pattern is, vague cat shape.  It will differ in how it turns out, as every sweater has a different amount to stretch.  I’m hoping to make a few more for the Historic Society of Cheshire County for their museum shop.  Shoppers can not buy by gnomes alone!


If you don’t have an old sweater, consider a local thrift shop.  Cashmere sweaters turn up a lot in the man’s section at the Salvation Army in town.

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