Old (very old) School Gaming Craft…


February 4, 2019 by kittynh

My inspiration and mentor, Crazy Rebecca, does more than junk journaling.

She makes these beautiful box compositions.  They are truly works of art.


BEHOLD the wonder of what Rebecca makes!  Her youtube videos where she chats and just assembles are very inspiring also.  I want to try one of THESE one day…but she always knows what to paint, what to highlight, and where everything should go.

I don’t have a vast stash of items for a large box composition, but she often uses old game pieces in her art.


I’ve been keeping me eye out for old versions of my favorite board games, and happened across two of my favorites.  Though I can not say I ever finished a game of Monopoly.  I’ve played it often, but never finished.


I bought two very small boxes and painted them black.  Then I just displayed some of my favorite bits from each game.  Please note the “Monopoly” game has a cowboy.  I left him in the display because obviously someone liked this cowboy enough to make him a game piece.  I was always the Scottie dog myself.


mystery cowboy

While not of the complexity of Rebecca’s fabulous creations, I had a fun time making these quick and easy little displays that can also be hung up on the wall.



2 thoughts on “Old (very old) School Gaming Craft…

  1. KatheD says:

    Those were two of my favorite games, as well. These are great compositions!

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