Winter Wonder Hats

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January 28, 2019 by kittynh

It’s is a typical New Hampshire winter.  Living here I really can’t complain about the cold, because we knew it would be coming.

The truly bitter cold, that keeps up for day upon day, is very difficult with my form of Arthritis.  I have to really slow down, and check in a lot with my doctors.

This means, I can’t get out too much to visit the Cheshire County Historical Society (but they have a terrific new exhibit going up soon so I’ll get there no matter what), and also I have time to do some crafting for the museum store.


The one problem with pain, is that I don’t feel particularly creative.

It’s not a good time to try something new.  It’s a good time to focus on what I know how to do, wool felt trolls.

I have written before about how I like to keep the price of the trolls low.  I purposefully keep them rather minimalistic so that the price can be where anyone can afford a troll.


It’s all about the hats!

I decided long ago to sacrifice legs, feet and arms, for fancier hats.

This allows me to make a troll quickly, but still have one that stands out from other felted trolls.  There isn’t some wool felting price war going on, but, I’m selling for a non profit ,not for personal profit.


This one comes with a bunny, as I was hoping to do some Easter/Spring themed felting.

So, I decided to go really crazy with the hats while hiding from the cold this past week.


Even if I tried, I couldn’t do two hats the same.  The wool pretty much decides the shape.

I’m not sure why these gnomes have need of such peculiar hats, but perhaps they are from some Scandinavian nation that has a strong hat tradition.


Next to a foot for a size comparison.

These trolls will be off to the Historic Society for sale this week.


Possibly for Valentine’s Day?  He has a good warm beard.

Best wishes for surviving the winter welcome also!

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