Istanbul Visit

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December 31, 2018 by kittynh

My friend Mark Roberts is my favorite photographer, because his photographs tell stories.


Your story might not be the same as mine, or even his story.  But you always feel each photograph is so much more than simply a documentation of a moment in time.


The shop owner, is a wonderful focus.  Also I would love to own one of these

I enjoy the people in his photographs.


While in Istanbul, this is very like his job in New York City

He also takes wonderful photographs close to his home in New York City, or anywhere else he happens to be.  He is not a professional photographer.


Lots of people, all going… who knows?


His real job is making deeper, richer, and more informed memories for people.  He also has to be aware of the possible emotional issues his job could bring to people.


My favorite, this….

I enjoy hearing about his day, working with both the highest in our society and just the average tourist.

But, it appears he’s gone on vacation and is posting photographs from Istanbul.


let’s go fishing!

With his kind permission I am sharing more of his photographs online.


Let’s shop!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


I enjoy food photographs… and I’ll take some of whatever this is…

I hope you also write your own stories about what is behind each photograph.

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