New Year New Pages


January 7, 2019 by kittynh

I’m suffering a tad from gnome overload, not that I ever dislike wool felting, but the holiday season was BUSY.  I was happy, as it appears lots of gnomes were sold to benefit the Historic Society of Cheshire County.


so still happy with using sheet music as a background

Still my first thought was to get down to some serious junk journaling.


And another use for sheet music!

Problem was, I had been purchasing old books, and just had them in piles.  I hadn’t any empty journals ready to fill, and I wanted to just do the FUN part.


I have a hexagon punch.  I finally used it.

What to do?

I decided to just make pages, trying out new ideas. The junk journaling world has many challenges.  I have been doing a “Make a page every evening.” challenge.


I admit there will be more cat books.  I just enjoy making them too much.


Do I feel like doing another cat journal? It seems like it.  Still, the butterfly wings on EVERYTHING, also seems fun.  Then there is the windows book I’d like to do, so I did a test page.  I’m not sure about the piano, but I found a book about pianos for 50cents.  It’s been fun feeling creative, but not bound by any restrictions.


Everyone looks better as a butterfly.


When I do get around to making some new journals to fill, I’ll have a good start with these “pages”.


Also I want to send some to Rebecca “Dances with Pitbulls”.  She has done a marvelous journal with “faux family”.  The North American Montegues. Basically her friends have sent in items they would like included.  Since she has started a second journal, I thought a few of my “test” pages would enjoy being part of the Montegue family.


I am going to try cats with Butterly wings… 

Nothing much to report from the frozen North.  Another snow storm expected, which is what is always expected here in New Hampshire.


Windows are fun…it’s just which journal theme to start with?

I hope everyone else is having a great winter.  Or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, a great summer.   My daughter is complaining about the heat where she lives.

I may be making many different journals at the same time, and also contributing to the Montegue journal, but I’m also going to start working on some rabbits for the CCHS gift shop!  If they are successful I’ll share in a post soon!

Meanwhile, Moxie has the right idea of just relaxing in her new holiday present (thanks Aynsley!)


Wake me when it is summer

2 thoughts on “New Year New Pages

  1. Tammy Bowers says:

    Kitty, l LOVE your pages. Do you mind if I ask – where do you find your cat pictures?

    • kittynh says:

      at the Salvation Army! I get those big “Cat Breed” type books. Or “How to care for Your Cat”. There are usually cat photographs in all sizes, so I just make them fit! It’s also fairly cheap to find one of those books used at a bookstore. The cats heads on the military bodies are very small…..I was surprised to find ones that small in my latest “Cat Breeds” book.

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