Naulakha Hallways

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December 29, 2018 by kittynh


Naulakha was built to be a ship sailing over the Vermont mountains.


This means the house is long and narrow.

Upstairs it means you need two staircases, one at each end.


The fun part of staying at Naulakha is you often go down the wrong stairway.


I would often end up near the kitchen and not near the study.  Everyone that stayed made this mistake more than once.


You could perhaps say that one staircase was for the “help”.  But both staircases were very much alike.


The staircases to the attic and basement are a bit more basic, but also safe in size of tread and stair railing.


The overall feeling of the hallways is WOOD.  Not your grandparents plywood panelling.

These hallways are a wonderful warm wood.  Winters were lightened by the golden wood of the walls and stairs.


There is also a true feeling of being on a cruise (or any ship) with the narrow hallways with the rooms running along just the one wall.



Everyone joked about the “workout” of Naulaka with the bathrooms and bedrooms all upstairs.  Plus that long hallway.  But no one minded having a bit of exercise!

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