Naulakha Outdoors

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December 21, 2018 by kittynh


Naulakha, Rudyard Kiplings Vermont home, is so much more than just a house.


The grounds of Naulakha are almost as interesting as the interior of the house.


The visitor can play tennis, go along the branched paths, and NOT swim in the pool.


There is a porch for just enjoying the view.


There are what appear to be “ruins”.  This may be following a tradition in the United Kingdom where estates built hermit homes and new ruins to make their estates more interesting.


These ruins are truly interesting and a lot of fun.  I was told by a local photographer that the “ruins” are a favorite place for her to photograph wedding parties.


Our family enjoyed filming our movie on the grounds of Naulakha.


The pool sadly is “out of order”.  It is fun to look at where the pool took in water from the mountain.  The old water storage tank appears to have been destroyed by a tree falling on it, but it’s a real ruin worth exploring.  (Just be careful).


Even in the cold or winter, Naulakha is fun indoors and out.  The yard with the branched tunnels would be especially delightful for children.  Adults had a lot of fun traveling by tunnel also.


Naulakha has tours in May, when most of the flowers are in bloom, but I think with snow cover the grounds and views would be truly amazing.


The barn, which is just as adorable as everything else.

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