It was a terrific weekend…

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October 13, 2018 by kittynh

Where I live, peak leaf time is around the same time as the long Columbus Day weekend.


I love these paintings….saving up for one!

This means that EVERYTHING happens on that weekend.


My choice of how to spend that weekend is the Wool Arts Tour. 


Hello wee friend!

I always enjoy the Wool Arts Tour as it is “just right”.  I know there are huge wool events all over New England, but this smaller tour is perfect,  you can actually see all the vendors and events in a weekend.


The scenery from farm to farm is … incredible

Also, let’s face it, how much money do we have to spend? I know where to get what I’ll need, and also pick up gifts for the upcoming holidays.  It’s all locally made, from yarn to soaps, and well received by recipients.


My dream is to own a Mary Iselin painting….

It also takes place on farms, beautiful outdoor locations with horses, sheep, wild turkeys (a lot of wild turkeys), llamas and alpacas. Just breathing in the fresh crisp air is a delight.  There are also spots to stop to photograph the natural beauty.


Yes we drove over this bridge.  It’s just held together by how the rocks were placed.


While a large venue can hold over 150 vendors, I like driving from place to place, and just admiring the view.  People are very nice, and local, so if they don’t have something I can order it.


Who wouldn’t want to stop here?


It’s a fun time, with a lot of eating out and buying wool.

I also bought a small vintage spinning wheel, as why not? I won’t use it, someone else can do that work! But, it looks nice sitting in a corner.


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