I illamanate the guard….

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October 19, 2018 by kittynh


Secret Agent Llama!

Readers of this blog will know about WOOL ARTS WEEKEND, where I go from farm to farm buying wool and trying to photograph animals.


“Hello nice person!’ Few butts in the photograph!!

My friend Natalie and I have accumulated perhaps hundreds of photographs of animals butts.  Sheep butts, llama butts, and alpaca butts.


This one just kept eating his lunch…

As soon as we would point the camera the animals all turn around and slowly walk away.  They aren’t afraid of us, they just act like they are in a witness protection program. No photographs please!


One happy flock. I suppose the llama just thinks he’s an especially tall sheep?

I was very delighted to chance upon a very friendly flock of sheep that had no problem being photographed.  They were happy to just sit in the field and pose.


My new boyfriend.  I adore his eyelashes.

The best part is they seemed to have a llama friend.  He was so sweet, and I was happy to get close enough to get photographs.


By “close” I mean VERY CLOSE!

The problem is, I was told this llama is the sheep “dog” for the flock.


He heard a sound and had to check things out….good llama!

Yes the llama is trained in the latest in sheep predator protection, and this llama liking me so much was a problem.  He wasn’t supposed to like me.


The few, the proud, the LLAMA!

I admit I’m a big fan of alpacas, as they tend not to SPIT.  If some of your friends spit at you, often just at random times, they probably wouldn’t be your best friend.  Just saying, llamas spit.


All is safe with Super Llama nearby.  Busy flirting with that woman…

But not this guard llama.  I’m told his total “look” is one of “I like you, want to steal some sheep?”


Nap time!

Still, while I may be a llama whisperer, it may also be I looked somewhat like the person that usually feeds him.  No one said llamas were very smart.  (As in spitting, not a good way to make friends).


My friend Natalie was thrilled I finally have non butt photographs of sheep. I’m thrilled to meet so many nice farm animals.


I’m not going to say exactly where this flock lives, as I don’t want anyone to have their butt kicked by a llama!  It’s not everyone that can have a llama for a friend.  They are very discerning.


All is well in a field in New Hampshire!


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