Historical Society AUCTION! Everything including a buffalo helmet.

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September 14, 2018 by kittynh


photo courtesy of the HSCC. The fur is fake, the horns are real.

One of the great joys of my life is doing volunteer work at the Historical Society of Cheshire County.



The Historical Society of Cheshire County is part museum, with a permanent collection of local artifacts and locally made goods, and part record keeper.  The records, being laboriously saved on computer, are truly priceless.

Also the Historic Society is always having events, to educate everyone from children to seniors about local history. I should say these are always interesting and FUN events.  It’s never your usual history class lecture.

This important work of education and preservation, requires money.


The biggest fundraiser for the HSCC is the annual auction.

It is a truly wonderful auction to attend, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.  There is music and the food is always exceptional.


If you don’t live in this region, there is no reason you can’t buy from the auction! Many of these items are truly unique!


The wooden blocks have square pegs, and are an early form of Lego.


Best of all you can BID ONLINE!  If you win, I’m sure that some arrangement can be made for pickup. I’m not sure they will mail you a ships anchor (they have one), but picking up a large item would be a wonderful excuse to visit New England during the leaf peeper season.  Very soon, it’s going to be very colorful here!


These walnut wooden pieces were created from a tree that was cut down near the historic Wyman Tavern. The tree lives on, via these hand made bowls and vases.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak into just some of the items up for auction.


This is from ONE PIECE OF WOOD.  The bowl like part on top (which is hollow for storage and the hold covered by the acorn), is not glued on.  It’s a part of the piece of wood. Don’t ask me how it was done! But it is so beautiful, it’s a true work of craftsmanship.

Check out the online bidding site!  I’m already bidding away, and the donations are varied and interesting.



Just don’t bid on that green Hampshire pottery, as I really want to win that!


Blue flow dishes, made in England for sale by a local merchant.  You can see states names in the chain border to the plates.  They are even more beautiful in real life.

Let’s just end with the holiday tree.  While I bought the tree from a local holiday theme shop, I decorated it with MANY handmade wool felted items.  From the angel on top, who has a pin cushion porcelain top, to the cats hanging on, to the tree skirt.  This complete tree doesn’t need anything (it even has lights).  Heck if you want the table it sits on, you can have that also! This was my contribution this year!


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