TIMBER! Tree Time!


August 11, 2018 by kittynh


New England is known for TREES.  New England is more forested than it has been since the Pilgrims landed.  Sheep were an important part of the economy here in New England, reaching its peak during the Civil War, when one fleece could command $50.


Even the grill survived!

Today, most of the sheep are gone, and the trees are back.


Terrific tree service, came within an hour

New England does not have many truly old trees, but the trees with foliage during the Fall months are a major tourist attraction.


Sadly both trees have to be cut down now

We are lucky that our neighborhood has many older trees.


We are not lucky that our yard has two old beech trees, that were scheduled to be looked at next month.


That date was moved up a bit this morning.  There was a crack, and the TWO CATS CAME FLYING DOWN THE HALLWAY AND UNDER THE BED.  Mind you the cats had been on the screened in porch.


Why the cats are traumatized.  They came out from under the bed for dinner.

We are lucky that NOTHING was damaged.  There were two terrified cats, and two rather shaken up squirrels, but even the grill survived.  The screens on the porch are more damaged on the inside from the cats claws, than the tree falling.


We love you old trees….

We aren’t lucky in that both trees need to go.

SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME, for what trees we should plant to replace these.  PLEASE SUGGEST BELOW.


Also, while the beech trees are beautiful, they have BEECH NUTS.  Beech nuts come with a spur covered shell and make walking barefoot almost impossible.  So, we’re thinking something with perhaps apples or another fruit to eat, or just something pretty.


The squirrels have lots of acorns without the addition of our beeches.

So next month the wonderful people at Wilcox Tree in Spofford will be coming to take down these trees with a BIG CRANE.  The children of the neighborhood were delighted with this Saturday morning entertainment.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy the big crane lifting the trees over the house.


While our budget is taking a hit, we are so glad the house did not take a hit.  Everyone is safe, even the squirrels, and does anyone know if there are therapists for cats?

One thought on “TIMBER! Tree Time!

  1. Snag Frag says:

    Chestnut, definitely Chestnut

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