Berry Pretty

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August 7, 2018 by kittynh


So once again I was at Monadnock Berries, but this time for Minis on the Mountain.


There were few Mini Coopers, but the weather report had been for rain and thunder showers.


While there was rain, it decided to come as gentle showers.


So cars and also berry pickers still came for a visit.


I had a lot of fun as the berries were dripping, and it made for a different type photograph than I had taken earlier.



I still have yet to do my berry picking, which I am saving up for a family visit.


But, once again, there are no better hosts than the owners of Monadnock Berries.


Also, I fell in love with a car named Ripley. My husband and the current owner did not agree to my purchasing Ripley.


We just hung out together and agreed to be friends.


look at his cute turn signal!

Still, I also plan to visit Ripley soon!



New England Mini Coopahs


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