A Berry Good Day, for Art

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July 22, 2018 by kittynh


I can’t believe I lived in the Monadnock region for so long, before discovering Monadnock Berries.


It has one of the most beautiful views of Mt.Monadnock.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to be a volunteer with the Historical Society of Cheshire County.


Every summer, the historic society has a lovely event where local artists gather to paint. This year it was at the Berry Farm.  As you can see, the results were as beautiful as the view.


It was a sunny Saturday with a lovely breeze, and it was a delight to see everyone picking blue berries.


I have to admit I was busy handing out art supplies, as this was an event for everyone to try their hand at capturing the view.


The artists, just added to the beauty of the day.  People walking down to the bushes with their buckets, would stop and say “Oh look, there are painters here!”


The artists were incredibly welcoming.  People were welcome to photograph them.  They answered questions.


Some people just sat and watched them paint.


I was amazed that in just a few hours, the artists went from blank canvas or paper, to almost finished paintings.


I have to admit there really isn’t any clever writing here.  Monadnock Berries are a delightful place to visit.



People of all ages were enjoying themselves.  Toddlers toddled and carried their own buckets precariously.  Great grandmothers sat and enjoyed the painting and the view.  It’s one of the few places, where no matter who you are, you will have a memorable time.




I felt instead of being a volunteer, I should have paid the Historical Society for letting me spend a few hours in such a beautiful setting.


Jennifer Carroll, Director of Education for the Historic Society, was her usual welcoming self.  Children smiled as she offered them art supplies.  One woman came over with her young child and asked “How much?” The answer was FREE!  Jenna made a lovely experience even better for many parents and children.


She also interacted with the artists, who were so generous with their time and talent.

Sometimes you just have to gush about an event.



It’s not just the big events, such as the Brew Fest, that help people find “Their place in history.”  Smaller events, such as introducing children to local artists and allowing them to capture the beauty of the Monadnock region, also help children connect to the history of the area.


Many famous artists settled in the Monadnock region. Looking at the view from Monadnock Berries, it’s easy to see why.


My dream portable painting box!  This is heaven….


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