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July 16, 2018 by kittynh


This book was in bad shape, but the cover was nice…new insides now!

One of the first junk journals I ever started, is now finished.


Used library pockets on various pages.  Lots of fun and cheap on Amazon.

I like a theme at least help me with junk journaling, and the theme here was “reading”.


Quote by Oscar who is buried near Proust.

People ,like Rebecca, sent me pictures of people reading.


There are a lot of good “reading” quotes out there.

I then googled for quotes about reading.


Those that I liked, I printed out for the book.


Even great grandfather is reading

Tim Holtz little quips stickers also were used.


As usual, my addiction to washi tape is evident on every page.


I can’t get enough washi tape.  I actually use up rolls.


I do have some personal photographs of people reading in the journal also.


Crazy Rebecca sent me these wee readers

I downloaded some pictures from the internet…


Also some books from the Salvation Army with “famous art” were cut up.  Don’t worry I’ll use all the non reader pictures also.


This was a good book as I would put it down and come back to it a lot.


My friend Jeff sent a photograph of him reading for another project and I just had an extra copy made for this book.


I believe books can change your mind

I had a small file of “people reading”, that I just added to whenever I found a good graphic to use.



I admit I own a LOT of books.


I was always confused at how often Mary was reading a modern book…

I now have a box of books just for using for journaling.


The journaling books are always a bit beat up.  They aren’t really any use as a reading book anymore.


Other books I will go Staples and get copies there.


It’s very inexpensive to get even color copies made, and you can even change the size.


I don’t use plain white pages much anymore when making a book.  But when I started I was very conservative.


Now I use sheet music, old maps, coloring books, whatever paper is around.


I have a filing cabinet with sheet music and good options for the basic paper for a book.


The Salvation Army has a huge selection of old sheet music, for 25 cents a book.


Junk journaling emphasizes reusing paper, not purchasing new paper.


Also don’t purchase new graphics, but see what is around, such as old dictionaries.  Old dictionaries are a lot of fun for this type of book, and very inexpensive.  I’ve used a vintage Italian/English dictionary in this book.


So at the end, a new card that someone sent me!  There are MORE PAGES, lots more, but I wanted to give everyone a feeling for how truly different each page can be, even with a common theme.  I’m going to start another “people reading” book, just because it’s fun to keep an eye out for reading graphics.  Plus there are a lot more good reading quotes.


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