I don’t believe in ghosts, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!

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June 10, 2018 by kittynh


So, a really lovely friend at the Cheshire County Historical Society (check it out, lovely to visit), found this wonderful curved glass frame for me at a yard sale!


She was “I know you love this kind of stuff.” She also wanted me to see if there was a name on the back of the photograph.  I was more than happy to take it.  I’m still not sure what I’ll do with this gift.  I may give it back if I’m haunted by a demon child.


Don’t look into the eyes.


As I was taking off the back of the frame, I turned over what I thought was just backing paper.

Instead it was CREEPY UNHAPPY CHILD. I admit I screamed but only a little bit. Sadly no names on the back of either photograph!

Most people did not smile in photographs of the time, so it isn’t strange that the child looks sad.  Or angry.  Or vengeful.


The photographs that was under the glass is a very happy looking adult.  Is he the child all grown up?  Why was the child hidden behind the photograph of the adult?

It’s a very well done colorized photograph, and I would think any family would want it on display.  Did the child perhaps die?  Was it just too sad to look at this photograph?

Or, you know, you could really feel his eyes following you around so maybe put this OTHER PHOTOGRAPH on top?


Whatever, this child and the happy adult I hope will be fine living in my home.  I’m hoping to repair the frame, and use it for some project.  The curved glass is hard to come by and would be lovely for an art project.

I may reframe these two photographs together.


This person seems nice…

Or I may return them to my friend at 3am, just knocking on her door and running off.


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