Christmas in June!

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June 4, 2018 by kittynh


I’m doing the 100 things challenge, which means I can’t purchase any new crafting/art supplies until after I have made 100 things.


I think glue is allowed.

I’ve also been trying to make something nice for the Cheshire County Historical Society fullsizeoutput_15auction that happens in the Fall.  However, like any auction, advertising and good old PR has to start early.

Staff and volunteers are hard at work photographing the auction items as they come in, as the auction starts ONLINE.

This year I thought, let’s keep my artwork and crafting as normal as possible.  I was at the local Jingles Christmas Shop (and also they have wonderful vintage antiques).  There was this really neat looking fake tree, not so very tall, and I decided to fill it with wool ornaments.

What happened next is the tree began to get larger and larger.  I just kept making more and more wool ornaments.  I finally had to get it out of the house so I could focus on other projects.

So many of the items on my “100 Item” list are these wool ornaments.

If anyone would like to bid on the tree, the auction usually goes up sometime in August online.


I’m glad to be done with Christmas for a bit.  I know I’ll have to start making ornaments and such come the Fall for the museum shop.


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