Dances With Pitbulls…100 Item Challenge


May 5, 2018 by kittynh

So over on Youtube, Rebecca aka Dances with Pitbulls, has her 100 thing challenge.


Number ONE, I sent to Rebecca, as a THANK YOU for all her help and inspiration.  I found a book really called “BAD PAPER” at the dollar store, and now it’s a junk journal for her.  



I had bought a lot of punches when I first started, and found I wasn’t using them.  This heart book was inspired by the scalloped heart punch.  It sort of works…

This has not proven too difficult as I am in the early stages.


Number three, so I decided to make a hanging heart, this works a bit better.  Less “fluffing” to do.  Not the prettiest paper but this was the test one!  The cat thinks it is a cat toy.  I could see this as a holiday ornament.

Also a journal page counts, so I’m counting my Paperdoll murder mystery as at least 10 items, since I finally finished it and it was more than 10 pages to go!


This was a beat up book, ripped pages and such, but I liked the name.  So I kill off a lot of Tim Holtz paper dolls in the book.  A LOT OF THEM, so thank you to Rebecca for sending me some! This will get a blog all about how to murder your paper dolls.


But, it is a very fun challenge, a chance to show yourself you don’t need anything else, you have all you need already.


Two books, so counts for two projects, from the “Throw out” pile at the vintage shop!



With a title like this, you know I’m going to be filling this book with some really good content.

Anyway, thank you Crazy Rebecca for making me look at what I already own, though passing up a craft store is difficult!


I also used almost all music paper for the one book, because I have been buying up all the old music books from the Salvation Army, now I’ve made a dent in it!

One thought on “Dances With Pitbulls…100 Item Challenge

  1. Rebecca says:

    Kitty I love you so much. You are one of my best students EVER

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