Massacre of the Tim Holtz Paper Dolls


May 6, 2018 by kittynh

Each junk journalist has their own style.


Note excellent book.  It was available on Kindle, without the missing pages!

Each artist, and junk journaling is an art, has their own style.


A slight warning, and also one of my favorite postcards. The mystery reader feels like this lovely lady, and the bad guy is just disappearing into the book!

I’m still very new to this hobby, so I’m learning what my style is, but I do love to read vintage mystery novels.


That really is my great grandfather in medical school, and I may have added a few things. He’s not the corpse. On the other page, some more family members. I’m related to the one with the HAT!  (and glasses).  And her husband standing behind her.  That is her real sister, Norah, also.

When I find one in horrific shape, because I read all the ones in great shape, I have to make it into a journal.  But, this has been the first one I have finished.


Long ago I might have done some “performance art” in Paris. It’s on youtube as a video.  I’ve grown up more and did go back to clean it all up. 

My friend Rebecca, at Dances with Pitbulls, helped me gather all the smaller Paper Dolls from Tim Holtz collection.  Let’s admit we all love them.  Then I threw in a few family photographs, as I always seem to do, used friends and family names… and had two serial killers on my hands!


Things just happen when Bartleby is around. 

I’ve no clue what the final body count was, but, it was a lot of fun.

Tim Holtz, I’m sorry.


Margot just makes the WORST suggestions and bad things seem to happen also to those that take the advice.  When Margot and Bartleby get together…it’s not good for paper dolls.

I also found I seem to work in three stages with a junk journal like this.

1.I do the basic page. What is this page going to be like, and put it together.

2. I then add in the story.  My handwriting is very poor, because of arthritis, so I will print out the usually vague storyline.

3. I go back and throw in washi tape (I love it), and generally make the page a little more graphically appealing.


4. My husband then reads the journal and looks at me funny for the rest of the week. (Just how many people DID you kill off in this book?)


People fall off things a lot. 

Let me know if I should make a video of the book, I’m never sure if it’s something just for myself, or if others would like to know how this mystery turns out.  Not well for the Paper Dolls is one thing you can be sure of……


They fall off boats, or take Margot’s suggestions….


Even alien abduction, in which we lose one detective!


But near the end, is Margot caught? We’ll never know but that other paper doll looks a lot like her….and what of Bartleby?


Oh how sweet he is married.  Only that look on his face, can he really sleep well at night?

2 thoughts on “Massacre of the Tim Holtz Paper Dolls

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yes please do a video. I love this so much!

  2. Oh yes, a video would be fun 🌻🌼❤

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