The Power of Paper

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March 9, 2018 by kittynh

Winter was getting LONG.

I knew for me to survive the New Hampshire winter, I needed to learn something new.

Youtube has often proven the cure for winter blues by being a free classroom.

This year as I was looking for a new “skill”, I discovered someone called “Crazy Rebecca”.

Her youtube site is called “Dances with Pitbulls”.  This was a woman after my own heart.

She makes “Junk Journals”.


you can cover a battered book with new fabric cover!

What a “junk journal” is NOT.

It is not coordinated and matching.

It is unique and not like any other journal.

It is not carefully measured and neat

It is NOT expensive


I had never even heard of “Junk journals”

My neighborhood and friends had long ago gone scrapbooking crazy.  But that involved going to multi level marketing parties and spending a lot at the craft store.

I truly admired those that were designers of cards and scrapbook pages, one friend was even featured in a magazine.  But, I really could not afford scrapbooking.

Crazy Rebecca introduced me to the new scrapbooking:


I scanned the old “Alice” illustration. 

If it’s on sale, or clearance,  buy it.

If it’s free, like junk mail or a used magazine, it’s perfect.

Glue sticks are cheap.

Skill is involved as you learn how to re bind a book.

The Salvation Army and thrift stores are your craft store.

So I learned to join the junk journaling revolution.

Youtube tutoring from Crazy Rebecca, who has become a friend, means my questions are easily and quickly answered, and I don’t have to purchase anything.


An old magazine that was free, had a vintage ad for her favorite book

Winter had been spent looking for old magazines, and through drawers of saved ephemera.  I’ve rebound old books, and created presents for friends.

It’s been FUN.


We both still play that game, and a friend traded me some Tim Holz cut outs. You can barter and trade for craft store items.  Also craft stores have terrific sales.

My favorite has been a book, that I made for a friend that is going through a tough time.

Everything that reminded me of her I put in her book.  That’s one of the fun things about junk journaling, you are always looking for something to go in your books.


As you look at the photographs of the book, I’m hope you get a feeling about the personality of my friend.  Each page has special meaning for both of us. It was therapeutic for me to put together this book for her.


My daughter as Alice long ago….and yes there is Alice paper 

The best part is that she really likes it.

No one else will have this book.  It’s as unique as my friend.


Not every page was Alice, but, every page has meaning.

So, wanting something new to try, that is “practically” free? Visit Crazy Rebecca and be inspired!


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