Fly Paper….for junk journaling

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March 22, 2018 by kittynh

I watch a lot of wonderful youtube videos about junk journaling.

There are so many great suggestions and lessons online, it’s like having personal teachers.


But one thing I wanted, WINGS.  At one point, someone made wings to go behind images and they are wonderful.  Also they don’t appear to be made anymore.  Crazy Rebecca noted that art items stay in stock forever, but craft items change.  It’s true.

So, how could I easily make some wings for some of my images?  And I mean easily.

I found these butterflies at the Dollar Store and they work really well on a small image.


People know I believe in getting those photographs OFF the cloud and into your personal journals.  Certainly you won’t be selling these, unless your family last name is Kardashian.

But, I managed to turn myself and my daughter into butterflies.

Then I remembered we have a terrific Butterfly World style exhibit near us.  Whenever I go I take photographs of butterflies.  Lots and lots.  I printed up a few and with a snip snip of scissors (who needs photoshop?) I was able to turn my friend Luciana into an amazing butterfly.


I then was grumping about how old I look in some photographs, perhaps because I am lucky enough to have AGED, and threw on a pair of wings to cheer myself up.


It’s all glue and scissors.  The best part is cutting up photographs and knowing I can order more anytime I wish.  I recently ordered over 100 photographs, and with delivery to my home it was still under $10.  That’s a lot of fun stuff to cut up.


So, I can fly, on paper.

And if you have a used book of butterflies, that’s another source for wings.  For everyone!

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