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February 22, 2018 by kittynh

There is a new fun pop up exhibit at the Historical Society of Cheshire County.


It is a display of HISTORY MYSTERY!


What are these items? What was their use?


Who is that mysterious bust?DSC01896

There are over 15 items of mystery, just waiting for a visitor to decipher.

There is also a paper where you can put your best guess, or what you know that others might not, and if you have the most correct answers you win a prize!


The prize is not a mystery, it’s $50 worth of items from the museum store!


So now through April 3rd, visit the Historical Society of Keene NH, and visit the pop up.  It’s in the hallway, and while there be sure to visit the rest of the exhibits!


It’s FREE and it’s a lot of FUN!


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