When an ELF meets the GNOMES

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February 3, 2018 by kittynh

I’m more than happy to help out the Cheshire County Historical Society by placing a gnome on my head.

Rick Swanson wrote a wonderful article for the ELF arts and entertainment magazine of the Keene Sentinel newspaper.  Rick writes for ELF about the local artists that help fill the shelves of the shop at the Historic Society of Cheshire County.

The article he wrote was about the gnomes I’ve been making for the HSCC museum shop.  While I paint, write, knit, quilt and am learning to junk journal, it’s the gnomes that are my claim to fame.


There are inside photographs where I do not resemble a floating disembodied head!

The gnomes sold “surprisingly well”.

I enjoy making them as the skill required is little, and I can just relax and make as many as I feel like making.  A gnome is a work of relaxation and joy.  It can’t turn out wrong, as no one is really sure what a gnome looks like.


My friend Dave thought this was hilarious, when I mentioned my fear of becoming known at the “Gnome Lady” for the rest of my life! He’s pointing out this can follow me into the afterlife.

But I live in slight fear of becoming known as the GNOME LADY!

I’m at the point now in life where I don’t need to earn money from my crafting and art work.  It’s not about “make what sells”, which brings great freedom.  But, in the case of the Historic Society of Cheshire County, I thought “What would SELL?”  To my delight, the gnomes have sold well.  I hope they keep selling because I enjoy making them.

My children are delighted.  My friends even want a copy.  I’m just busy making a few more gnomes just in case there is a “run on gnomes” at the shop.

I’m very honored, and Rick wrote a great article.  Andrea (another great HSCC employee) helped me overcome my shyness to pose for the photographs.  If anyone wants a gnome, the HSCC is where to get one! (Or more, they like to live in groups).


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