Primitive or Penicillin?DIY-NOT!

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December 28, 2017 by kittynh

I hope the readers of Yankeeskeptic enjoyed the 10 days of Christmas DIY decorations.

A few readers wondered why 10 and not 12?

That’s because of few of the DIY’s were DIY-not.

Exhibit one.



I don’t even want to put up a good photo of the angel. I know you aren’t supposed to paint the post, but I might…

My favorite vintage shop has “farm fresh finds” at one booth.  I found a nice old post from a front porch, most likely one that had been torn down.  Or perhaps just fallen down.

I had seen an article about making primitive angels using old architectural details.  Supposedly the more aged the better for the project.

This post should have come with “Have you had your tetanus shot?”

The paint, what is left, most likely has lead or even arsenic in it.

The green mold could be penicillin or a form of wood gangrene.

I followed directions, throwing some wings on back and some wire on top for a halo.


Let me share a happy photo of our lovely neighbors that had hot cocoa and cookies and carols for the entire neighborhood!

I did not follow safety directions for dealing with old wood. In fact, few people following the primitive decorating trend follow any safety practices.  If it’s going to be in your house, and you want to keep the original paint, cover it with a new varnish.  Cover it with anything!  Lead paint, especially old lead paint that has been chipping off, is a true concern.


Our street also puts up luminaries on Christmas Eve. The street is also well known for decorating…but maybe not for primitive angels.  

That mold, or character as I call it, could blossom into something that won’t agree with your lungs if you bring it indoors.  So, this decoration is going in the garage closet.

Also, while I like primitive, I’ve had enough questions about “So just WHAT IS IT?” to know I have to look for better wings.  Or perhaps a post in a lesser state of decay.

Day 11 was going to be use an old post that could possible give you lead poisoning to make a primitive angel.  Instead it qualifies as a DIY-NOT.

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