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December 10, 2017 by kittynh

This has been a wonderful holiday season as I have helped the wonderful Cheshire DSC01805County Historical Society fill their gift shop.

I’ve enjoyed poking around every vintage shop in the county and putting bows on things that perhaps should not have bows put on them!  I discovered if you put a bow on it, it is holiday decor!

However it is DAY TEN (yes I cheated and did not do twelve days!).  My fingers are numb from making gnomes.  Michaels says I’m not allowed to buy anymore red ribbon, as it isn’t fair to other shoppers to find it always out of stock. Vintage store owners have decided I’m insane as I am buying the oddest assortment of objects.

Today it is snowing.  A lot.  DSC01804

So, today’s project is the easiest of all.

Go to the Dollar Store.

Buy a hat that says “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

If you can’t find a hat that says “Ho, Ho, Ho”, get a plain Santa hat and use puff paints to write whatever you please.

Then find a hoe, if you have three, it’s even better.

(Insert naughty “Ho” joke here)

I have my feet up, drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying the beauty of a New Hampshire winter.

I’ll be making more gnomes later.  For those last minute gnome shoppers.

But for DAY TEN, well, let’s say I’M DONE!

Happy Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations and Merry Christmas.







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