DAY NINE! Gnome Sweet Gnome!


December 9, 2017 by kittynh

I make crafts for the Cheshire County Historical Society to sell in their gift shop.  First off, it is what a museum gift shop should be, full of locally made crafts.  Full of wonderful books.  Also their policy toward crafters is very fair.  They are currently having a 10% off sale and 20% off for members.  Not one penny of the discount is taken off the commission of the artists.


I donate my work, because I wish I had lots of money to contribute to this incredible Historical Society.  They “Make History Come Alive” for all ages.

The best seller at the gift shop of MY WORK, simple gnomes.

I do more complex wool felting.  But with all the leftovers I love to make simple gnomes.

These have sold out again and again.  Today I am busy needle felting MORE.  People buy them in batches.

ANYONE can make a gnome.  In fact if you have ever wanted to try needle felting, this is your starter project.

The gnome is three parts:


We look just AWFUL!  But we are easy to make!




The best part is these are any FINE any size you make them.  There is no need to worry about if some part is too big or small.  Size truly does not matter in this case.

Then the beard.  I try to use curly wool. But plain white wool, or brown, or any color you wish, works fine.  I like to give some gnomes gray beards.  This is also a great way to cover up any mistakes.  If your gnome nose is funny looking, or the body is a bit lumpy…


But, how to wool felt?  It’s easy.  Go to Michaels or another craft store.  See if your local knitting shop sells wool for felting.  Ask a friend who wool felts for some scraps.

Then purchase a needle.  Michaels has a great beginners needle that is easy to use.


“I’m going to play with the wool and destroy the gnomes” Lille

THESE ARE TRULY GOOD FOR BEGINNERS.   Then read the directions and go to it.

The nose can just be rolled and felted down, it’s pretty small and don’t worry about trying to felt something that size.  Also you can CHEAT and glue the bits together, but you won’t need to.  Felted wool sticks together.

Then cover it all up with a great beard.

You can sew a jingle bell on the hat if you wish.  Or sew a thread through the back for a holiday ornament.

Just BEWARE, your cats will think it is a cat toy.  In fact, roll the


wool in some cat nip andthen felt it into a ball for the BEST CAT TOY EVER!


“Mom’s work table, or…place for finding entertainment? These will be MINE!” Moxie

One thought on “DAY NINE! Gnome Sweet Gnome!

  1. Andrea says:

    Kitty – Thank you for being a great supporter of the Historical Society. We LOVE your gnomes and other creations, they are a wonderful addition to our Museum Store.

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