Day Eight! Not to late to knit a rabbit!


December 8, 2017 by kittynh

If you can knit a square, you can knit a rabbit.

I can knit, as long as it is a hat or scarf.  And nothing fancy!


Anyone can knit a square.  Even if you can’t knit, Youtube or a simple beginners book can have you knitting a square in less than a day.  The size doesn’t really matter, in this case it’s true, because it just means the size of your rabbit will be different.

Also, you can knit your rabbit a scarf, or just cut a small scarf out of a bit of polar fleece or fabric.

I put my rabbits on a small wooden disk.  They stands better that way.  But the rabbits DSC01771also stands on their own.  Placing a few beans or even un cooked popcorn in the bottom can help weight down the rabbit.

The rabbit can also be given a flower necklace for a Valentine’s Day or Spring theme.  I like to knit a white rabbit for Christmas, but I also do multicolor rabbits.

Basic rabbit instructions can be found here. The basic pattern is knit a square, and using a big plastic needle, sew a triangle and stuff.

One friend makes finger puppets from this pattern.  She only stuffs the head.  They are truly adorable.

So, knit a large square and have a gift for a young baby or child!

Knit a smaller square and have an ornament.  Knit a small square and put cat nip inside and cat toy.

DSC01767This is also a great project for a beginning knitter group or to teach a child to knit.  It takes such a short time to knit that no one can get bored while doing it.

So still time for that handmade gift.  And, this just requires a small bit of yarn.  If you have any friends that love knitting, they have extra yarn they’d love to give you.  Hoarding yarn is a real problem!

Use up the yarn, holiday bunny


One thought on “Day Eight! Not to late to knit a rabbit!

  1. xmundt says:

    Great ideas, presented with humor. Just what the Season needs. By the by, this one bears a striking resemblance to a profile of Opus from Bloom County.

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