DAY SIX! New Hampshire Holiday! I’M SO BROKE, WHAT TO MAKE?

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December 6, 2017 by kittynh

DSC01726This is the ultimate Yankee gift.  Because it can be done for free, or close to free.

Step one, ask your parents and grandparents for any old maps or Atlas guides.  If they won’t give them up, teach them how to use that GPS that came with their car.

The important thing about using a map, is that the weight of the paper is perfect.  Card


All you need!

stock is too heavy.  Regular paper, is nice, but you have a fragile ornament.  Maps, are sturdy enough for folding and will hold up for many holidays. Remember maps were meant to be looked at again and again.  So you have a much better paper than a normal book.

If you have trouble finding a map, try your charity shop that carries books.  The Salvation Army here has many travel guides and maps.

Next, download a pentagon shape.  I just googled “Shapes”.  You will want to cut out a pentagon out of light cardboard.

Then just trace the pentagon over the map and cut out.  There are ways to fold this without starting with a pentagon shape.  I find starting with a pentagon works best.


Repurposing is a good thing.

Then watch this video.  TRUST THE VIDEO.  Really.  It is “magical” at one point.  This is an easy fold as it is the same few folds done over and over again.  Five times.  As long as  you remember to do each step five times, your star will work well.

If you can’t do this video, there are so many origami stars and holiday shapes on youtube, you can easily find another pattern to use.  I enjoy this pattern because it is truly sturdy.

After folding, you can just place the star on a tree, or even on a holiday card.

I bought a small size hold punch. Throw on a jingle bell and some jute, and the charity DSC01728gift shop where my things sell can throw in a price of $7.50 and get it.

This is also great if you like to decorate your packages.

This is gift you can personalize.  Find a map of the hometown where the recipient lives.  Find a map of someone’s favorite holiday spot.  I love France, so do a lot of other people.  This French Atlas was a great find.

So go to youtube and look for an origami pattern that appeals to you.  Give the star a try, it is far easier than it appears, though I still don’t get how the “Magical part” works.  It just does.

The star pattern video I used is below.


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