Day 5! New Hampshire Holiday! Are You Ready to Be FRAMED?

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December 5, 2017 by kittynh

I don’t know who to give credit to for this idea.


A frame wreath can be year round decor also.

All I know is it started when I fell in love with a small round walnut frame.

I put a bow on it and it went on the wall.

Then I remembered, my front door has a storm door. This can make hanging up a big fluffy wreath difficult.

I then found a beautiful real wood oval frame. Throw on a bow and a small garland from Michaels, and voila.  Flat wreath.


Since then I have been looking for more real wood oval and round frames.

The white one had a mirror in it.  I paid $8, and took the mirror out.

A few dollars more in garland and bow, and I have a wreath that can sit on the mantle.


This may be changed over to a non holiday wreath, just by changing the bow, once the holidays are over.

I won’t toss out anything wonderful from an oval frame.  My price limit is $10 for a frame.  The circle one is very old and the work of a wonderful craftsperson.  But a modern plastic frame would also look nice.  I’m just saying that often vintage is cheaper than new.

I  also finally get the “hanging empty frames on the wall” thing.

For a flat wreath, or an indoor one the cat may not eat, this works perfectly.

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