Day 4, New Hampshire Holiday! Lights that Don’t Work, Work Well!

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December 4, 2017 by kittynh

I was in my favorite vintage shop when I came across a large pile of old strings of holiday DSC01705lights.

What to do when a dirty bag of strings of holiday lights, are for sale for only $5?

You hold your nose, and get cleaning wipes, and make holiday ornaments.

There were so many I could fill my outdoor tree, and even have some for sale at the Cheshire County Historical Society.

You need some bulbs, and please throw out the wires they are attached to!  Those probably are not safe.

Then ribbon.  We all have leftover bits of ribbon.

All I did was tie the ribbons on, I did not need to use glue.  You could use glue but just tying works well also.


love the colors!

Please note not all the bulbs have the traditional green and white colors.  I found many DSC01708of the bulbs were in really interesting colors. Teals and yellows and a funky red means that you can use any ribbon you like!


Super easy, super cheap (no one can really figure out WHAT to do with these), and you’ll find Michaels is selling NEW ornaments made in China with plastic fake lights.  Use the real deal, and you’ll be much happier!


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