DAY THREE, Holiday Decor! Don’t be Spooled, This is a TREE!

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December 3, 2017 by kittynh

DSC01700In New England we have lots of vintage spools.  The many mills in the area mean that spools are an easy find at antique shops.

The problem is, what to do with them?

How about, sticking some greenery in the top part and having a vintage looking miniature holiday tree?

Once again, this is a “Anyone can do it” project.

I just cut some fake greenery from a $4 huge garland from Michaels.  The one garland was enough to make many spool trees.

Throw on a bow, and a jingle bell.  Leave it plain, or you can put on a miniature garland.DSC01703

I bought the gold garland at the Dollar Store.

Also the giant jingle bell. Never skip the Dollar store when crafting.

This looks great on a table.  Some are more stable than others. The wider the bottom the more likely the tree will be to stay standing!

Also great gift.  Make some small ornaments to put on this tree!


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