Holiday Decor DAY TWO! Sooner or Ladder, you’ll want one!

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December 2, 2017 by kittynh

This year we have a kitten.  A kitten that loves wires.  Especially round wires such as DSC01672those in our holiday tree, with the built in lights.

Problem, how to have a tree, without having a tree?

Solution, buy a ladder.

Ladders, especially the beat up ones you find in the back of your parents garage, are wonderful for holiday decorating.

I found the top extension of an apple ladder.  The ladder tapers into a triangle shape so that it can fit into the tree tops.  This is close enough to a holiday tree shape that it’s doing for this year.

$4 artificial greens, the kitten eats the real kind that is FREE.

$7 bell garland from Michaels

Ornaments made from vintage items and bows.

Most people do add lights, but with the kitten… skipping lights this year.

We also plan to use a regular old wooden ladder outside, to hang our vintage snow shoes and wreath on.  We just paid for new siding and we’re not putting holes into it.

So, for a very cheap way to show off more ornaments and decorate indoors or out, a beat up wooden ladder is the answer.  If you can’t find one in the back of a garage, try the local vintage store.  The price for a wooden ladder with a lot of “character” is $10-$15.


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