Travis and I see a chupacabra….

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July 16, 2016 by kittynh

We later found out it was probably an animal with mange, and perhaps a bear with mange. One was found locally after this was published. Google “bear with mange” and that was truly close to what we saw.

Two Different Girls

Creature of the New Hampshire night.
Darted between houses and across road

Travis Roy is the president of Granite State Skeptics. I am the director of investigations for Granite State Skeptics. GSS is our local skeptic group. Local skeptics meet at a restaurant, drink, eat, have some fun once a month. New Hampshire (the Granite State) while small, is very rural. Many of the members of GSS drive one or more hours to get to the meetings. I drive an hour and a half from my home in Antrim to the monthly meetings in Manchester. Usually I enjoy car pooling with Travis Roy the president of the group. Travis and his wife Dale live about 15 minutes away, so we meet at the local “park and ride”. Sometimes it’s just Travis and myself driving, if Dale is busy.

Our meetings are always fun, educational and friendly. We love it when…

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