Bigfoot Talk and Podcast!


July 26, 2016 by kittynh

I was honored recently to give a talk at Keene Public Library as part of their “Out of the Normal” brown bag lunch get together.  It’s a wonderful program that features a different speaker each Thursday during the lunch hour.

I spoke about “Bigfoot in New England”.  Yes, Bigfoot has been reported in New England.  I shared that my personal belief should not interfere with my participation as a skeptic in the search for Bigfoot.  My talk was really not about Bigfoot, so much as how any skeptic can help an investigative group. Even a group looking for something I’m pretty sure can’t be found.

I included the story of when Travis Roy and I saw an unknown creature.  I wanted to assure the audience anyone, even skeptics, sometimes see strange things.

I’m not going to call the local Bigfoot group a “paranormal group”. That is because the Bigfoot community is divided between those that believe Bigfoot is just a “normal” but unknown cryptid, and those that believe Bigfoot is an alien entity of some sort with super human powers.  The local group I work with are of the “Bigfoot is large, furry, not so cuddly real life Teddy Bear.” (Teddy Bear ,as unlike most bears, Bigfoot apparently isn’t interested in mauling and eating human.)


One of these does not belong….

So how can a skeptic help any paranormal/normal group?

One thing to I do is ask “What are other groups doing?” (The answer to that is easily found by watching “Reality” TV).

Second thing to do is suggest “Let’s not do that.” (Because it’s not working, no one is finding anything)

Third thing to do is ask “What can we do ,that is different, that might prove whatever it is we are looking for is real?” There is no harm in looking, but let’s look in logical ways that might end up with everyone saying “Maybe there is no Bigfoot in the area?”

Then you try a few of those suggestions in real life.

what blog squathsi

Gotta catch them all…but let’s try say trail cameras near fresh water areas?

I point out again and again, do not purchase a “Bigfoot Hunting Kit” from the internet (or a “Ghost Hunting Kit” or “Chupacabra Hunting Kit”), try to be original.  Even if it doesn’t work, we’ve tried something different.  We know what doesn’t work, let’s try some new stuff that also might not work, but at least we’re original.

The audience for the talk at the Keene Library were truly intelligent and had great questions.  One audience member even had suggestions for what some mystery footprints found in the snow could be.  If you don’t learn something from your audience when you give a talk, you are doing it wrong.  The best part for me is always the question and answer period.


.. and all the animals lived happily ever after!

I was asked by a podcaster if he could tape the talk, and if afterward I would agree to an interview.  I was happy to see my friend Chip Taylor had driven down from his home in Cabot Vermont to hear my talk, and invited him to join the interview.  Chip is a very knowledgable skeptic, and his knowledge of conspiracy theories came in handy during the podcast interview.

So if you would like to hear the podcast, here is the link.

Also, thank you to Keene Public Library for doing so much more than just checking out books.  The Brown Bag Lunch talks are a lot of fun, and a chance for the public to be exposed to things like UFOs,ghosts, psychics and through Bigfoot…. a little skepticism.


I would like to mention that Chip and I talked about many fellow skeptics during the podcast, including Tim Farley and “What’s the Harm”, The Amazing Randi, Philip Klass, Ben Radford, Travis Roy.

I really dislike hearing my own voice, so I haven’t been able to listen to the entire podcast. I did not know the nature of the podcast before agreeing to the interview and taping.  But the host was very professional and while we may not have agreed on everything, it was well done and enjoyable.

One thing about being a skeptic is the educational aspect of it.  When I saw the library was having a paranormal themed series of lunch talks, I admit I volunteered to throw in skepticism via any topic not already covered.  Bigfoot it was, and I hope everyone, including myself, learned a little something.


Also when  you put up a powerpoint slide of a bear with mange, that perhaps isn’t the best slide choice while people are eating lunch. But I’m sure it was memorable.



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  1. […] I looked at the local library and saw they were offering something called “Out of the Ordinary…  Among the speakers were the local so called psychic, the local ghost hunting group, and a UFO “expert”.  I noticed there were two dates on the library calendar that said “Come hear our mystery guest”.  As an experienced speaker I know that means “we don’t have a speaker for these dates.” […]

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