Geocaching….Bigfoot style….

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June 26, 2016 by kittynh

My wonderful brother Paul was visiting from Canada, and while were enjoying a short break at Starbucks, when he said “hey let’s check and see if there is a geocache in the area!”

I had vaguely heard of geocaching, but thought of it as something you did while hiking Mt. Everest.  The Starbucks we were at was in the middle of the small college town of Keene New Hampshire.  How could there be any geocaches nearby?

Paul showed me the free app that allows anyone to find near a geocache wherever they are in the world.

To my shock the app pointed out a geocache within steps of the Starbucks.

Even more to my shock.  I found the geocache.


My first geocache! I found it! just steps from Starbucks!

Over the next few days where ever we were, he pulled up the app and we went hunting.  It was incredibly fun, we laughed a lot, and I soon signed up for my own geocache app.  But I wanted to do more.  MORE.  I wanted hide some paranormal themed geocache.

My involvement in Bigfoot hunting meant I knew a few interesting spots that would be perfect for such a geocache.

Now, the perfect geocache is not just hiding something.  The perfect geocache has history and education involved.  The most fun and enjoyable geocaches I had found were those that were in an interesting or historic spot.  Geocaching isn’t about just finding a small hidden cache.  It’s about discovering a new spot you never have visited before, and would never have visited without a geocache hidden there.

this means, RIGHT WAY TO GO!! You are almost at one of the best Bigfoot/geocache sites in New Hampshire!

this means, RIGHT WAY TO GO!! You are almost at one of the best Bigfoot/geocache sites in New Hampshire!

I decided to share some of my favorite Bigfoot hunting sites.  Geocache has an important rule, that a geocache be hidden where it is allowed to be hidden.  Most Bigfoot hunting takes place on public land or land with friendly owners.  If someone is open to Bigfoot hunting, they are also open to the allowing a small cache to be hidden on their property.  Bigfoot history, UFO history, any paranormal spot in NH I feel would be a perfect spot for a geocache.  My hope is to include some skeptic history with each cache, combining education and fun.

So, my first geocache was at a nearby park.  No Bigfoot history, but local history.  The pond at the park is square, as it was built for ice harvesting.

Second was along a lake front where Bigfoot has been seen “drinking”.

Third was a rarely seen local Hillsborough landmark “House Rock”.  The remoteness of the location is typical of the geography of where Bigfoot is reportedly seen.  The rock itself is a delight to crawl on and to actually walk through.  Bring a flashlight and bug spray.

is it a ROCK or a HOUSE? Or a Bigfoot resting area? It's possibly all three.

is it a ROCK or a HOUSE? Or a Bigfoot resting area? It’s possibly all three.

The best Bigfoot “proof” at the site are of course are the “Bigfoot sculptures”. TV shows that promote Bigfoot hunting claim many of these stone sculptures are made by Bigfoot or alien entities.  There are believers that combine both Bigfoot and aliens, claiming that the reason Bigfoot has not been proven, is that Bigfoot has paranormal abilities to appear and disappear as Bigfoot is not of this Earth.

The other theory is that Bigfoot is the bouncing baby result of aliens mating with humans.

Since Bigfoot is perhaps half human, this could explain the “Bigfoot art” that hard core believers promote on social media and reality shows.  Art, as defined as “Making something for no practical purpose, but purely for enjoyment of the artist and the viewer”, applies to these rock sculptures.

Bigfoot art, or just humans having some fun?

Bigfoot art, or just humans having some fun?

While some Bigfoot enthusiasts claim these rock sculptures have meaning, such as directions to Bigfoot trails or food sources, the sheer number of rock statues at House Rock shows that at least some of these are just for entertainment.  Or perhaps just made by humans? Nope, the enthusiasts will not agree, but even so Bigfoot has got quite the thing for stacking rocks here in New Hampshire.

the show "Mountain Monsters" firmly is on the side of "Bigfoot art"

the show “Mountain Monsters” firmly is on the side of “Bigfoot art”

So, to enjoy a wonderful piece of Hillsborough New Hampshire history, visit the House Rock geocache.  Enjoy the reputed Bigfoot/Alien artwork.  Enjoy visiting a rock that was at one time the refuge in winter for a family that lost their home in a wintertime fire.  Enjoy it  all for free, and remember, you are free to believe whatever you please.

obviously a Bigfoot hot spot as even I'm fuzzy and out of focus. While standing next to the Bigfoot art... coincidence or PROOF?

obviously a Bigfoot hot spot as even I’m fuzzy and out of focus. While standing next to the Bigfoot art… coincidence or PROOF?

I’d also suggest “Build a rock art rock pile of your own!”  You may confuse some visiting Bigfoot with your creation but it’s worth the risk.

See if you can tell the difference between Bigfoot built and human built.

…and bring bug spray.

Stay tuned for more paranormal/skeptic geocaches from Yankeeskeptic!


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