Bigfoot Art? Culture could be the next “proof”?


October 28, 2013 by kittynh

As the least physically active member of the Bigfoot Club, I sometimes get stuck with answering questions from locals about Bigfoot.  I look at fuzzy photographs and help identify mystery sounds, usually just well known animals answering a  human’s attempt at a “Bigfoot call”, but my favorite questions have to do with Bigfoot art.


so I see tree, someone else sees creativity. Not a face mask on a “totem”.

I am an artist myself, so these questions are happily thrown at me by the other members of the group.  If Bigfoot is closely related to humans, does Bigfoot have culture?  Mice sing. Monkeys play with snowballs.  Perhaps Bigfoot is creative, and that creativity could include something we might identify as art.

Our local group is not affiliated with any national organization.  My own interests are confined to the wonderful people in the local group I enjoy interacting with.  i do not know if “Bigfoot art” is just a New Hampshire thing or if it’s the next big thing in Bigfoot hunting.

So what could possibly be considered Bigfoot art?  Well, Bigfoot is not up to cave paintings or crop circles yet, but there are odd things to be seen in the areas Bigfoot has been reported.

A recent sighting was close enough that I could go see for myself.  It’s simply the remains of a birch tree, that has collapsed in a rather pleasing decorative way. The person reporting this said it had a “Native American quality to it”.  I suggested she visit a real museum that would introduce her to real Native American art.  Native Americans take enough of a cultural rape to their heritage and beliefs from Bigfoot enthusiasts without having their art also thrown in to the mix. (Many groups are respectful, or do not just throw in Native American beliefs knowing that they do not know enough to speak informatively on the subject.)


Birch bark does this, it’s why it is very useful for human beings to use. Everything from paper to canoes, and yes, art.

I do enjoy modern art (some of it) so to me this is a rather cool sculpture made by Mother Nature not Bigfoot.  Almost everyone that has taken a hike has seen something like this.  It’s part of the reason going to the woods is so restful and interesting, you never know what you are going to see.


Art is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, I’m 100% sure this is nature made, not Bigfoot made.

It’s not Bigfoot, but when people go into the woods looking for proof of Bigfoot, this is the sort of thing they seem to be latching onto.  Broken branches high above human height, odd prints in the mud, something has been eating these apples, and now “that looks odd, I wonder if it was created” all could be possible hints that Bigfoot is real.

If nothing else, it gives many people a good reason to keep looking.  I enjoy looking as the beer is on me if Bigfoot is proven real. I will throw the biggest party ever if I am happily proven wrong.  I also enjoy, even with my physical limitations,  being in the woods.  I enjoy looking out my window at the acres behind my house, and when my dog barks, I always look with an open mind.  It’s usually a squirrel, deer or even the elusive fisher.  However, I suspect that if  Bigfoot is ever just standing there,  it would be when my phone isn’t charged up and my regular camera is not nearby.  In which case I’m chasing him down with a hairbrush to get a darn DNA sample.

Meanwhile if anyone else has any examples of supposed Bigfoot culture, songs, art, poetry, please share. I don’t know if perhaps we just have a Bigfoot McDowell Colony here, or this is the world wide next step in Bigfoot/Yeti/Skunk Ape investigation.

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot Art? Culture could be the next “proof”?

  1. Jack Menace says:

    I saw Bigfoot out here in Las Vegas standing on the corner begging for pocket change. He had a sign with something about the man keeping him down on it…

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